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Sleep. Coffee. Work. Gym. Eat. Repeat.

It’s easy to feel like life is a bit mundane when you’re living in suburbia and working 9-5. But did you know that Jesus came in order that you might experience abundant life—life to the full? And you don’t have to travel to the far corners of the earth to discover it. In fact, you can lead an abundant life right where you are. Check out these 101 easy ways to get started.

  1. Thank God out loud for small surprises and happy moments.
  2. Attend a missions conference.
  3. Host a potluck for friends from different circles.
  4. Foster a child.
  5. Pray for your government leaders.
  6. Introduce yourself to an unfamiliar face at church.
  7. Tutor a child in an underserved school district.
  8. Ask intentional questions to go deeper than small talk.
  9. Pray for the Gospel to spread in a country you’ve never visited. (I recommend Operation World as a resource.)
  10. Write a book.
  11. Organize a fundraiser for your favorite nonprofit or ministry.
  12. Browse the shelves of a Christian bookstore and find a new read.
  13. Chaperone a trip for your church youth group.
  14. Memorize a full chapter (or book!) of the Bible.
  15. Paint your favorite Bible verse on a canvas.
  16. Offer to babysit for a single mom in your church for free.
  17. Write a letter of forgiveness.
  18. Mail a birthday present to a friend in another state.
  19. Tithe 10% of your income to your local church.
  20. Complete a Beth Moore Bible Study.
  21. Leave your server an extravagant tip.
  22. Attend a women’s conference with friends.
  23. Send a note of encouragement to someone who is sick.
  24. Use chalkboard paint to create a prayer wall in your home.
  25. Buy another copy of your favorite Christian book and give it away.
  26. Write a worship song.
  27. Pray with your spouse at bedtime.
  28. Listen to Christian music while working out.
  29. Do a deeper study of a familiar passage, such as the Lord’s Prayer.
  30. Commit to using your words to lift up and encourage rather than tear down.
  31. Go on a prayer walk.
  32. Start a blog to share what God is teaching you.
  33. Pray for your pastor.
  34. Thank God for something specific He has done for you before bringing Him a new request.
  35. Host a Bible study.
  36. Volunteer your time at your church or favorite nonprofit.
  37. Dance along to a worship album.
  38. Write a letter to an old friend.
  39. Write a letter to a new friend.
  40. Spend a holiday in a soup kitchen.
  41. Send a care package to a soldier stationed overseas.
  42. Join the Siesta Scripture Memory Team.
  43. Host a foreign exchange student.
  44. Write a letter to apologize to someone you’ve wronged.
  45. Use a Journaling Bible.
  46. Join a missionary’s financial support team.
  47. Ask God for open doors to use your gifts to share the hope of the Gospel right where He has placed you.
  48. Host a couch surfer.
  49. Pray for local teachers.
  50. Cook a meal for a new mom.
  51. Pack a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.
  52. Learn how to play a worship song on a musical instrument.
  53. Pray over house guests before they leave.
  54. Go camping with friends from church and invite someone you’d like to meet Jesus.
  55. Attend a marriage retreat.
  56. Text a Bible verse to a friend.
  57. Take a family with foster children to the zoo.
  58. Learn to steward your finances well. (I recommend Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.)
  59. Listen to a sermon while getting ready in the morning.
  60. Pray over every room in your home.
  61. Sing along to worship music in your car.
  62. Join a Bible study through your church.
  63. Ask a Christian woman you admire to mentor you.
  64. Write a memory verse on your bathroom mirror.
  65. Visit a friend’s church that you’ve never attended before.
  66. Ask your pastor to recommend a book for you to read.
  67. Sponsor a child overseas.
  68. Share your favorite Bible verse and how God is using it to grow you on social media.
  69. Offer to mentor or disciple a younger woman.
  70. Dedicate a set number of days to fasting and prayer.
  71. Bake cookies for a neighbor.
  72. Read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.
  73. Use headphones to listen to worship music while grocery shopping.
  74. Start and finish a Bible reading plan.
  75. Visit an elderly widow in your church or neighborhood.
  76. Ask your cashier how she’s doing and really listen.
  77. Leave an anonymous gift on someone’s porch.
  78. Cook a meal for a family who is grieving.
  79. Pray for Christians who are being persecuted for their faith.
  80. Listen to a Christian podcast during your morning commute.
  81. Take a hike in a national park and praise God as the Creator of it all.
  82. Buy a warm meal for a homeless person and offer to pray for them.
  83. Send a care package to a missionary.
  84. Journal about what God is doing in your life.
  85. Write a memory verse in your daily planner.
  86. Play worship music in your kitchen while cooking.
  87. Tell one person what God is teaching you in this season.
  88. Have a coffee date with your small group leader.
  89. Host a prayer or worship night in your home.
  90. Record your prayers in a journal, and make a note each time one is answered.
  91. Take a bubble bath and listen to worship music.
  92. Take your Bible and journal to your favorite coffee shop.
  93. Ask a friend what God is teaching her.
  94. Start and end each day by thanking God for specific gifts He’s given you.
  95. Pray while driving.
  96. Invite a friend from work to church and Sunday lunch.
  97. Sponsor a teenager to attend a youth conference who couldn’t afford to go otherwise.
  98. Offer to pray aloud immediately when someone tells you about a personal struggle or illness.
  99. Set goals for spiritual disciplines, then meet weekly with an accountability partner.
  100. Call a friend instead of texting her.
  101. Learn how to sing your favorite worship song in another language.

I want to hear from you! Which of these tips will you use to start living an abundant life right where you are? What would you add to this list? Share in the comments below.

Note: The links above are not affiliate links, and I don’t profit in any way by you clicking on them or making purchases. I’m only sharing resources that I’ve found helpful in my own life. Enjoy!

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